We aim to develop OSKVI as a long term, sustainable business that delivers value for all our stakeholders including; our employees, clients, suppliers, business partners, shareholders and the wider environment and community that we operate in. By managing our business responsibly, we support the creation of a financially stable organisation and deliver value for our shareholders.

Scope and Governance

This policy applies to all OSKVI employees who will be accountable for the implementation and monitoring of the supporting policies mentioned below. The policy will be reviewed annually and is to be shared with our external stakeholders through other channels as appropriate.

Areas of Focus

To operate sustainably we need to focus our activities in our key impact areas. These impact areas reflect both our opportunities to make a positive difference and manage our non-financial risks. By managing these areas well we believe we can deliver the best possible benefits for both our business and the wider world

  • Employee Welfare

    We value our employees and are committed to providing them with a workplace which is healthy, safe and secure. We aim to create a culture where every employee is treated fairly and with respect. We recognise the value that a diverse workforce can bring and we do not accept any form of discrimination. We believe in creating an inspiring workplace, committing to developing our people and giving them the right skills to help deliver our business strategy.

  • Environmental Management

    We are committed to managing and minimizing the environmental impact of our business operations.

  • Investing in our Local Communities

    We aim to engage with the local communities in which we work, committing to making a positive social and economic impact and understanding and managing any negative impacts of our business operations.

    We also seek to make a positive social contribution through our Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) programme to support:
     -  Employee volunteering
     -  Improving the social welfare of our local community

Health and Safety Policy

OSKVI believes that its employees are its most valuable resource and their health, safety and welfare is of paramount importance. As health and safety is an integral part of its business performance, OSKVI is committed to the following:

  • -   Compliance with all regulatory requirements
  • -   The provision and maintenance of all work equipment
  • -   The provision of suitable information, instruction, training and supervision
  • -   A safe place of work, together with appropriate means of access, exit and emergency arrangements
  • -   The continuous improvement of this policy

Environmental Policy

  • Introduction

    The facilitation of a clean environment and effective environmental protection is a fundamental aspect of good and sustainable business operations. OSKVI recognises that its business activities have an impact and therefore, it is our policy to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment. We also recognize that the effective implementation of the policy represents an opportunity to improve the efficiency of our operations and thus leading to potential financial improvements.

  • Scope

    The policy applies to all employees within OSKVI.

  • Policy

    We acknowledge that our activities have an impact on the environment and it is our aim to continuously work towards:

    • -   Incorporating environmental considerations into the procurement of goods and services
    • -   Managing energy and water usage wisely in our operations
    • -   Reducing consumption of materials in our operations
    • -   Motivating and educating our employees to conduct their activities in an environmentally friendly manner
    • -   Performing periodic audits of our activities to ensure compliance with company requirements, and policy
  • Process
    • -   This policy statement has been formulated by the management team reporting to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors who will review this policy on an annual basis.

    • -   The identification and adherence to this policy will be an on-going process as OSKVI initiates and reviews the current operations.

Corporate Social Responsibility / Charitable and Volunteering Policy

  • Introduction

    OSKVI is committed to working in partnership with the local communities where we work to support and benefit the communities. Through our CSR programme 'OSKVI Community Programme’ we aim to base our charitable and volunteering activities around two themes to make a positive social impact: education and social welfare.

  • Scope

    The policy applies to all employees within OSKVI.

  • Policy
    • We encourage and support personal and career development and recognize that our employee volunteering policy allows our employees the opportunity to develop and learn new skills outside of their day to day roles.

    • Through the policy we encourage our employees to use their knowledge, skills and resources to make a positive contribution in their local communities

    • We enable our employees to get involved in volunteering activities for 1-2 business days per annum on activities within our approved volunteering policy. This time should be used at appropriate times approved by an employee's line managers in advance, ensuring that it does not disrupt or have any adverse effects on our business activities and priorities.

    • We aim to base our charitable and volunteering activities on initiatives that positively impact the local community, focusing on education and social welfare.

  • Process
    • This policy statement has been formulated by the management team reporting to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors who will review this policy on an annual basis.

    • We will have a minimum of 1 activity per annum spearheaded by a nominated employee for each specific activity. We will also include an email in our corporate website to enable our external stakeholders to suggest beneficiaries of our community programme.